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At Kreischer Miller, everything we do is centered on meeting the needs of our clients, our community, and our team members’ professional and personal growth. Our people are known for their relationship and leadership skills, their strong work ethic and teamwork, their client focus, and their excellent communication skills. We work hard, while having fun at the same time. And we reward your hard work by making an investment in you. You believe in making a commitment to your career…and we believe in making a commitment to you.

Why Kreischer Miller?

Great career opportunities…competitive benefits…a strong, team-based culture…there are many reasons to choose Kreischer Miller.


Amazing Benefits

Excellent health, sound finances, and time with family and friends are important to your professional success. So is a productive, flexible, and fun work environment. At Kreischer Miller, we offer excellent benefits that include numerous incentives and perks.
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Career Development Opportunities

At Kreischer Miller, we believe in lifelong learning. Our successful team members are motivated to grow and learn as individuals so they can make meaningful contributions to our clients and our firm. We view development as a shared responsibility—you will be proactively involved in your development and the firm will ensure that you have access to resources and courses that aid in your development.

We expect each of our team members to behave and think like leaders. Leadership is not reserved for a limited number of positions at Kreischer Miller. In an effort to assist our team members in this regard, our Kreischer Miller University offers educational programs that provide not only technical/CPE development, but also leadership, management, and technological development.
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Broad Work Experience

Our team members have the opportunity to get involved in various types of client engagements. You’ll experience an array of opportunities to expand your expertise and explore the technical areas of our profession that interest you. When you find the areas that excite you, everyone succeeds!
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A Team Approach and Accessible Directors

As individuals we can achieve a lot, but as a team we’ll go so much further. That’s why Kreischer Miller believes strongly in taking a team approach to everything we do, from client engagements to business development initiatives.
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Commitment to the Community

At Kreischer Miller, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Our outreach takes many shapes, from firm-sponsored monthly volunteering initiatives to our annual Day of Service event.
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