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Fifth Circuit Court Vacates SEC’s Private Fund Advisers Rule

On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit sided with a group of trade associations and vacated the SEC’s Private Fund Advisers Rule, which was adopted in August 2023.

This rule aimed to provide more protections and transparency to investors and enhance…more

Recap of Valuation Drivers in an Investment Firm Presentation

Jennifer Kreischer, Director, Audit & Accounting and a member of Kreischer Miller’s Investment Industry Group, is a frequent speaker on the key levers that investment firms can use to drive value in their businesses. Here is a summary of a recent presentation she gave on this topic.

Investment News…more

4 Current Operational Due Diligence Challenges

Operational Due Diligence (ODD) is a bespoke, continuous, and iterative process of assessing an investment manager’s operational risks across all public and private market asset classes.

More directly, ODD aims to arm investors with the information they need to answer fundamental questions, such as 1) are my assets safeguarded…more

3 Advantages of an Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement for a Family Office

A family office – a private wealth management firm set up to manage one or more high-net-worth families’ investment and financial needs – is typically responsible for personalized investment management services. This may include managing a diversified set of securities, including funds, across a variety of asset classes. Investment objectives…more

What Makes a Good Auditor and How to Know if They’re Helping You Stay in Compliance

As a business owner, you understand the importance of complying with relevant laws, regulations, and standards. Whether it is financial reporting requirements or industry-specific regulations, maintaining compliance is crucial to avoid unnecessary headaches and costly penalties.

Having a competent auditor who can provide an objective and comprehensive review of…more

An Update on Fair Value Guidance for Equity Securities

Kreischer Miller recently held its annual investment industry update, which covered a host of topics including the latest updates on GIPS, the SEC Marketing Rule, fair value guidance, taxes, and compliance, as well as a discussion on valuation drivers in an investment firm.

Todd Crouthamel and Craig Evans, Directors in…more

Recent GIPS and Performance Reporting Developments

Kreischer Miller recently held its annual investment industry update, which covered a variety of topics including an update on GIPS and performance reporting. The key topics of the GIPS update centered on current projects, available resources, recently issued Q&A’s, and the results of an industry survey on…more

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