GIPS Compliance

Recent GIPS and Performance Reporting Developments

Kreischer Miller recently held its annual investment industry update, which covered a variety of topics including an update on GIPS and performance reporting. The key topics of the GIPS update centered on current projects, available resources, recently issued Q&A’s, and the results of an industry survey on…more

Just When We Thought Carveouts Were Back


The treatment of carveouts within the GIPS standards (formerly, the AIMR Performance Standards) has been a long and winding road since the inception of the standards back in the early 1990s. Initially, the standards permitted the carving out of a portion of portfolio assets into individual segments for the…more

Error Correction and Materiality Under GIPS 2020

Overview of the Rules Under GIPS 2020

The error correction rules for firms are in provision 1.A.20 of GIPS 2020, which notes that firms must correct material errors in GIPS composite reports and must:

Provide the corrected GIPS composite report to the current verifier
Provide the corrected GIPS…more

GIPS 2020 Changes Carve-Out Standards

With the release of GIPS 2020 came another change to the standards on carve-outs, marking the second time in which the guidance has changed. So, we thought it might be worthwhile to revisit the history of carve-outs guidance within the GIPS Standards.

A Brief History

Initially, the GIPS…more

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