GIPS Compliance

The GIPS 2020 Exposure Draft is Out!

The release of the GIPS 2020 Exposure Draft is an exciting milestone in the development of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). The volunteers and CFA Institute staff worked hard to assemble performance presentation standards that reflect industry best-practices and that are useful and practical.

The GIPS 2020 Exposure…more

Newly-Proposed Guidance Statement on Verifier Independence

Verifier independence is not a new topic within the GIPS Standards. In 2005, the GIPS Executive Committee released the Guidance Statement on Verifier Independence, which laid the foundation for verifier independence as well as outlined the minimum guidelines for verification firms and clients. The newly-proposed Guidance Statement on Verifier…more

Newly-Proposed Guidance Statement on Risk

The GIPS Technical Committee is seeking comments on a newly-proposed Guidance Statement on Risk and how it relates to the presentation of risk, both quantitatively and qualitatively within the compliant presentation. The Guidance Statement will address when and where risk-related information is appropriate, recommended, and required to be…more

GIPS Guidance Statement on Broadly Distributed Pooled Funds

Provision 0.A.9 of the GIPS Standards requires that firms make every reasonable effort to provide a compliant presentation to all prospective clients. A prospective client is defined as any person or entity that has expressed interest in one of the firm’s composite strategies and qualifies to invest…more